Why should I include this facility on my ART website? Quite simply, within my other interest of GENEALOGY (Family Tree) over the last period of almost 30 years, there has been a noticeable increase over the last few years of interest in the heraldic side, mainly FAMILY CRESTS & NAME HISTORY, to include in peoples family history, and the demand for heraldic images has also increased even where there is no Family Tree interest, just for the beauty of the images themselves. However to my eyes what has been provided over the years from other sources could be better in most cases, with FAMILY CRESTS usually presented flat in the plainest of borders & backgrounds, if any, and cheap style frames, but not cheap price’s. It is my intention to provide FAMILY CRESTS embossed on Stylish Deluxe backgrounds, & Elaborate borders. Plus provide ACCURATE NAME HISTORIES on their own or paired with FAMILY CREST. Some name histories banded about by others are inventions of their imaginations.  (My own for one.) Finally another increasing interest is in the CELEBRATION or COMMEMORATION of MARRIAGE, and similarly with BIRTHDAYS, all making beautiful gifts to loved ones. All of these will be supplied in Quality Dark Brown 35mm Frames with inset surround in Gold & with or without quality mount which sets the item off to show it at it’s best. What I can provide can be seen on the next “HERALDIC” Page with prices. Please do not hesitate to email me should you have any questions regarding your interest in ordering.                                         See next page.  
For a more personal service in finding your FAMILY NAME - Please enquire by email, We shall notify you by return or very soon after with a reduced size plain image (still to be cutout & embossed for quality appearance once ordered.) Should you be unfortunate, where there is no recorded instance of a Family Crest for your name, and you would like one, we can make a Bespoke one for you personally. Likewise if your Company would like a Bespoke Commercial Crest. See examples of both on Bespoke page Heraldic 5 Please email me for further information. However should there be no Name History for your Surname, I regret it is not possible to invent one.  
At tomdeasart.com we have a vast data base of Family Crests almost 30,000 & Family Name Histories plus all the                                                                                                               required Heraldic Symbol items for those customers who need bespoke/custom Family or Corporate Crests created from scratch.
Welcome to my    Heraldic section   of tomdeasart.com
Should you wish to order a FAMILY CREST or FAMILY NAME HISTORY, single or jointly and or a    WEDDING COMMEMORATION or BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION, Please check NAME availability first,                                                                     then - select your choice of relevant layout as follows -      For FAMILY CRESTS -      choose code HB2 etc. + Surname/s (add on personal message)               For FAMILY NAME HISTORIES - choose code EB1 etc. + Surname/s (as above)                        For all other types -       choose code H9 etc. + Surnames/s (as above)
We have your name (Please email us to ensure before ordering)
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